infou is a lonesome renegade sand dune, located some twenty kilometers south of the city of Zagora in southern Morocco. Tinfou has chosen its dwelling spot in the middle of a desert surrounded by stretches of flat rocky land. How Tinfou got there was always a puzzling thought to everyone who stood atop her. Few tourists speculate that it was a man made dune, and being Moroccan, I am certain that Tinfou was not the work of Morocco Disneyland.
Tinfou has the distinction of being the tallest dune in Morocco, although it spans only about two acres of land, it stands at about one hundred feet tall. Tinfou is also the first known isolated dune to greet travelers before they venture into the great Sahara some sixty kilometers further south.

Tinfou symbolizes every contrasting thought about the miracles of nature, life and adversity. A giant friendly dune in the middle of nowhere has chosen her spot as a home for as long as locals can remember. As you will find on this website, Tinfou and desert dunes were a staple of the environment in which I grew up as a child in Morocco.

riginally from Morocco, I migrated to the United States over twenty five years ago. From a Berber family in southern Morocco, I was exposed to the new world in the most culturally shocking ways. Regreting none of it, and reflecting up on all my experiences gave me the ability to see life in multi-cultural, diverse dimensions.

My idea of achieving the dream in America was multi-dimensional with varying degrees of redeeming rewards. Although I was blessed to experience the material dimension, my priorities continue to clash, thus creating the dilemma of not wanting to let go of any part of the two worlds, I have come to know and continue to discover endlessly: living the creative dream, and being as authentic a Moroccan Berber as I can be in the new world.

My world has been shaped by polarizing socio-cultural, political and religious perspectives on life. Although the Moroccan cultural traits have never left me, I feel that the power of integration into a diverse new culture has left its print on the way I see the world today. The way I am addressing those differences is central to Tinfou website.

I am currently teaching and working on finishing my first novel. I have also been hosting a weekly radio program on for the past four years. WorldStreams is an international multi-media resource offering diverse programs on music, the arts, culture, world politics and social issues around the world through discourse with both well known people and ordinary individuals with extraordinary stories.

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