ake a journey to the beautiful country of Morocco. Travel to timeless places offering unique and exotic landscapes; the Atlas mountains, the Sahara, the enchanted cities of Fez, Marakech, Casablanca, Essaouria, Chaouen and more.

Morocco or Maghreb, country of some of the most breathtaking sunsets and natural contrasts. Several cultures and civilizations have passed through Morocco leaving their mark on its culture and exotic landscape. Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Moors, Portuguese, French, Spanish have called Morocco their home away from home at one point or another in history. A small Jewish community remains part of Morocco today enjoying their home amongst the Arab and Berber communities that make up the rest of the population of Morocco.

In a stretch of some nine hundred miles from north to south, a visitor finds themselves embracing a constant change in scenery and people. This website will try to capture these contrasts in series of journeys through Morocco. New journeys will be added often, so visit frequently.

Moroccan Photo Journeys

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