Far away from where the sun sets
And my first smile,
I saw no sentiment beyond these
Claustrophobic quarters,
And I have no choice
But to ride high amongst
The bitter and the shrew
And those who stole
My identity will not find it
Amidst the ruins of fallen skyscrapers

I have long surrendered
To this exiling destiny Even though
I never lost a war
And I never fought

Their eyes scared me,
And my path changed,
as I embarked on this long journey
above the seas
and the herds of pheasants
jubilant and weary
Clouds into their blind eyes
sublime smiles
prostituting the most enigmatic of thoughts

In their frightened eyes
I may be another sleepless weary thought
Who haunts sky-scrapers
And hides behind the clouds
But could never hurt a fly.

Said Leghlid, 2003.

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