rench poetry holds a dear place in my heart. My first poems and theatrical pieces were in French. I was exposed to poets like Verlaine, Beaudelaire, Hugo, Eluart, Mallarme, Rimbaud (not Rambo) Claudel, Char, Aragon, Ponge, etc. This was due in part to the French influence on the Moroccan culture. I was also thankful to a neighbor who had a huge library where I spent most of the summer days reading, and staying away from the hot scolding sun that embraced Zagora from the months of May to October.

French poetry is characterized by a unique contrasting multifarious landscape of all imaginable styles and possibilities, that can coexist without demeaning the value and randomness of content, even as it struggles between the grandiose epics, and formalism of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and the "esprit libre" of the 20st century that is in search of an identity.

On this page you will find mostly poems I wrote very recently. Most of my early writings were unfortunately lost, the pages were most likely used to start a fire in the clay oven outside of my old home in Zagora.

Said Leghlid

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