here emotions can swim in deeper oceans while breathing air as fresh as a virgin breeze, poetry is the universe that encompasses every dimension of life, and the human condition. From the Jahiliya poetry of Pre-Islam to the most contemporary poems, one thread is common: an exaltation of one's inner frictions with beauty, self, nature.

Fearless, free and unabated, bold, and sometimes weary, a poem is a stroke of a pen that can turn a sentence into a wave so shy to look beyond a shoreline, just so it does not disturb a romantic moment. A sword so sharp, it can cut through the sharpest edges of time and feelings. A lullaby that can rock stars and moons to sleep, a melody that excites with envy and passion, and a plea that can wake the gods of beauty from a deep sleep.

A poem can be an olive tree that bares fruits for every perception. It can be about nothing yet be as beautiful as the world that surrounds the nothingness of life at times. The journey that one's emotions travel to roam the heavens, in search of oneness just so the mind can satisfy its thirst for understanding and in a savory selfish way: greatness.

Said Leghlid

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